Botanical Name: Cannabis Sativa

No doubt the first thing that comes to mind when we think of cannabis is the recreational drug marijuana; but the oil derived from the flowering cannabis plant is prized for its medicinal benefits. The plant has been found in the graves of ancient Europeans, and is mentioned in various texts written by ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks and Natives of Turtle Island (America).

Cannabis was used in Chinese medicine as far back as AD 100, and the second-century Chinese surgeon Hua Tuo is the first person known to use the plant as an anesthetic. Although the benefits of the plant have been known for millennia, its association with drug use can make the non-psychoactive essential oil hard to find.

Therapeutic Properties

Reduces stress and anxiety; pain reliever; improves quality of sleep.

Used For

There are hundreds of chemical compounds in cannabis that work together to give the oil many calming, stress-relieving properties. This makes it ideal for people who suffer with anxiety or insomnia. It may also give relief for inflammatory conditions.

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